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Public furniture from ABES: Quality and Innovation in perfect symbiosis

Founded in 1994, ABES focused on the design of urban furniture and elements for public space since 1999. Currently 6 people work in our office in Niederanven, on national and international projects, organising timely deliveries and developing new market-ready products.
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The production is decentralised in Luxemburg and Germany. Our stock is in Wormeldange. The distribution in Germany is done by our second Office in Siegen, but all Orders pass through Niederanven.

  • Abes Ziegler Bushaltestelle in Luxemburg
  • Abes Ziegler
  • Projects in Luxembourg

    With Products from our exclusif Partner
    (since 2004) Ziegler Metallbearbeitung AG

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Innovative technology combined with unique design


Founded in 1994, ABES focused on the design of urban furniture and elements for public space since 1999.


ABES’ extraordinary, patented 3p-Technology system was developed with the customer‘s needs in mind. This advanced technology allows easy, time-saving and low-cost repair of public furniture. The main idea is to connect bollards with a junction piece having a predetermined breaking point. If damaged, object and foundation stay intact, and only the junction piece has to be replaced on site.


ABES offers unique products with an individual character. They attract attention, inspire people, and encourage viewers to engage in a variety of opinions and discussions, which creates their uniqueness. This has been confirmed by the “Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia” by giving the red dot award to the Bike stand 450-1 and the Bollard 001-1, which are built using 3p-Technology. We use a variety of first-class materials for ABES products.


Apart from galvanised or stainless steel and selected woods, ABES is increasingly using cast iron or cast aluminium. These materials, which have been somewhat forgotten, have special characteristics so that regular welding techniques cannot be used for them.


Last but not least, cast technology is extraordinarily environmentally friendly because 95 % of the materials originate from recycled resources, and the products themselves can be almost completely recycled. When choosing these raw materials, you are helping our environment by saving scarce resources and avoiding waste production.


Discover the aesthetically and technically innovative ABES products for yourself.