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Versatile safeguard for a better road safety

Cities have a particularly high traffic volume and are characterized by various modes of locomotion: traffic routes and public spaces are shared among cars, delivery vans, cyclists, pedestrians, and local public transport. Where vehicles are not permitted, a distinct separation is required – something that can be done with bollards equipped with a railing connection.

Protecting car-free zones – with railing systems by ABES

Not every potential route in public space is open to vehicles. To clearly mark the separation of accessible and non-accessible zones, the use of barrier posts and bollards is often the most practical solution. They then assume several roles at once:

  • The bollards separate sidewalks from traffic lanes, for example.
  • They can help channel the movement direction of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles..
  • In areas with poor visibility, they protect people from inadvertently or unintentionally entering the traffic lanes.

Often, the structural conditions do not immediately allow a clear distinction between traffic and pedestrian areas. This is the case, for example, in the vicinity of public places with uniform paving. The same applies to areas without raised sidewalks – for optical reasons or for an increased accessibility. All those places are subject to a higher conflict potential between the motorized and the non-motorized traffic.

In these confusing and dangerous locations, railing systems by ABES play an additional safety role. They add to posts and bollards by enhancing their separating and protective function. You can thus reinforce existing protection measures in car-free zones even more.

A perfect combination: bollards with railing connection

Our bollards and railing systems do not only complement one another optimally in their protective function. Their optical features also match perfectly. Consequently, there won’t be any “break” and the harmonious overall picture will be preserved– regardless of whether the bollards are placed individually or connected to a railing.

In addition, we offer various options to customize the railing bollards: with a wide range of colors or the option to integrate a cast-in municipal coat of arms or logo (only available for cast aluminium bollards). This way, our products turn into a unique and coherent urban furniture that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Further options thanks to 3p-Technology Classic

Not only has the 3p-fastening technology turned our bollards into an extremely convenient and cost-effective solution for a better security in public spaces. It has also made sure that its users benefit from a high level of flexibility when it comes to combining our 3p-compatible products.
The same technology is also available for our bollards with railing connection, thanks to 3p-Technology Classic. This leads to numerous possibilities

  • Bollards are set in a ground shell and can be removed at any moment if necessary. They can be reattached with the same minimal effort.
  • It is also possible to disassemble the railing systems. This gives you considerably more flexibility to temporarily change routes for motorized traffic or the movement direction of pedestrians, for example..

Needless to say that with our railing bollards, you will benefit from all the usual advantages of 3p-Technology: low repair costs, easy assembly, and convenient storage of spare parts. In addition: the proven robustness for an effective protection as well as designs that meet the highest demands.
3p-Technology Classic has yet another advantage: on the basis of the classic fixation system, we have developed two different connections for our railing systems. This gives you even more options to set up a system tailored to your needs.

Railing Configurator for particular needs

Configure your own individual railing system with 3p-Technology and find the optimal solution that matches your needs.

Cast aluminium railing system with horizontal tubes

This type is solely available in cast aluminium, because the supports for the railing tubes are cast directly into the bollard. Consequently, they are an integral part of the bollards and cannot be separated from them. The bollard requires a form that allows the effortless affixing of the supports; cylindrical, rectangular or flat shapes qualify for this purpose.

On site, the nature of the supports allows the railing tubes to be effortlessly adjusted in length if necessary. If, for example, the tubes are too long for the specific location, they can be cut to the required size while still on site. This means more flexibility in the planning and less delays on the construction site.

Regarding the length of the barrier, the cast aluminium railing system with horizontal tubes also offers a high level of planning flexibility. Thanks to center bollards with two railing tube supports, you can extend the railing at will. You only need an end bollard on both extremities, each with a single support.

To secure the railing additionally, the affixed tubes can be held in place with grub screws if necessary. This provides the entire system with even more stability.

Railing system with screwed-on connection elements

As an alternative to our cast railing systems, there is a second variant in our product range. Thanks to screwed-on connection elements, this type offers numerous options to make critical traffic areas safer on the one hand and visually homogeneous on the other.

  • This version works with both cast aluminium bollards and steel bollards. Although all of our products are characterized by their robust and long-lasting quality, the extremely resilient steel bollards are particularly appropriate for locations with an increased hazard for road users or with a particularly high traffic volume, with a corresponding risk of accidents.
  • Unlike the cast aluminium railing system, this variant has screwed-on supports. This gives the entire system more variability: the screwed joint connections also allow direction changes between two bollards; angles of 90° and more are possible without difficulty.
  • Instead of tubes, lattices are used in this system. You can choose between different designs and find the one that harmonizes best with your existing urban furniture or the surrounding areas. Should you have particular requests regarding the lattice design, we can meet them – please feel free to contact us!

While railing systems with vertical struts tend to have a classic, functional look, railings with diagonal truss bars are more decorative. This endows public places with a special charm, without neglecting the important protective aspect.


With the railing system with screwed-on connection elements, you get the usual combination of a robust, long-lasting protection and an elegant design – of course with the best quality.

ABES bollards with railing connection: overviewof your advantages

Railing systems by ABES are a useful complement to existing barriers of posts and bollards. They offer additional protection without disturbing the overall appearance of the public space and allow a high level of flexibility.

Different designs and fixation variants open up numerous possibilities for you to adapt the railing systems to your personal needs. You also benefit from the expansion of our 3p-Technology world and its new fixation options.

In addition, there are a number of other advantages that make the ABES bollards with railing connections the perfect option for a better safety in urban traffic:

Compatible with all 3p-Technology Classic components

Both mounting types, 3p-Technology Classic and 3p-Multiflange, are suited for the installation of bollards. The classic technique employs ground shells (100 mm or hybrid ground shell 300/500 mm) to anchor posts and bollards to the ground.

The 3p-Multiflange, on the other hand, does not require a ground shell. Instead, a base plate with a pin is used and the bollard is placed on top. This is a perfect solution for locations without the necessary depth to set a ground shell – for example on bridges or in parking garages.

In both cases, the bollards are fastened with the well-known 3p-system consisting of clamping cones and screws. This gives the bollards a secure and firm stand. For our railing systems, however, we recommend the fixation with ground shells or a permanent installation – this provides a significantly higher level of stability.

More flexibility in the securing of public spaces

Urban public spaces get their liveliness not least from the fact that they can be adapted for specific occasions, for example for events like markets, festivals or concerts.

With the exception of permanently installed products, bollards and railing systems by ABES can be removed at any given time. Certain areas can, for example, be opened for delivery traffic if necessary or the flow of vehicles and pedestrians can be directed in other directions. Thanks to the effortless assembly, the initial state can be restored promptly and easily.

Customized railing systems

Our railing systems can be designed in many ways to meet your ideas and needs. Various designs and colors make sure that you get the barrier solution that fits both you and the city image.

As an additional feature, it is possible to add municipal coat of arms or logos to our cast aluminium bollards..

Should you have any particular requests beyond this – other colors, reflective foil etc., we will be happy to meet them. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about our products.

With ABES bollards with railing connection, you get the perfect complement to your existing urban traffic security measures. Effective protection and elegant design come together, united by our railing systems–come and see for yourself..