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Bicycle Stands

Parking stands for the number 1 mode of transport: bikes

With traffic jams starting right from the early morning, and the never-ending search for a parking spot, there’s a growing desire, particularly in cities, to no longer be dependent on cars. A new mode of transport is needed. And that’s why more and more people are choosing bikes. While these are good for the environment, they pose a whole host of difficulties for urban planners. Bike-parking stands are the answer.
As an outfitter for public spaces, ABES Public Design offers a wide range of bike-parking stands.

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Bike-parking stands for every occasion

Before choosing a bike-parking stand for a public space, a few questions need to be asked: How much room is there? Are there special safety/security requirements? Is the subsurface suitable for firmly affixing a bike-parking stand? Does the bike-parking stand or bike rail need to meet specific design requirements? Only once all these questions have been answered is it possible to find the perfect bike-parking stands for your needs. Below are a few important aspects you should consider when choosing a bike-parking stand for public spaces.


Bike-parking stands – as diverse as their users

ABES offers you many different ways to store bikes safely in public areas. Bike-parking stands are the most common choice. The bike’s front wheel is surrounded by the material, and is easy to secure with a bike lock. If necessary, the rear wheel can also be locked.
Bike rails, like the 453, which is incidentally also available with a panel of LED lights under the cross-bar, also enable you to lean your bike against urban furniture, with the front and rear wheels being secured to the frame with locks. The third option offered by ABES for securely storing bikes in public spaces are wheel clamps, whereby the front wheel is placed in the apparatus and secured there.
The option you choose also depends on factors such as local conditions. Bike-parking stands, for example, are simple, unobtrusive objects which, with the appropriate design, blend perfectly into their surrounds, like the 450-1 or 450-2. The former saw ABES receive the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Popular areas of application are thus public spaces outside town halls, universities or train stations, at convention centres, new park-&-ride facilities or outside hospitals. In other words, wherever lots of bikes need to be housed in a small area. Alternatively, wheel clamps like the bike stand 454 also meet these requirements. The robust construction makes ABES’ bollard bike stand 454 (optionally removable using 3p Technology) an attractive, functional object for public spaces. It is firmly anchored into the base using a connector piece with cast-in pre-determined breaking point and a clamping cone with triangular (or hexagonal) screw, and can also be used effectively as a bollard.

In addition to practical considerations, such as space requirements, design is often a key factor when purchasing new bike stands for public spaces. Bike-parking stands impress not only with their functionality and security, but also with their state-of-the-art, timeless design. Bike rails like the 453 model and wheel clamps, on the other hand, are less about design, and are more about blending into the public space rather than influencing it.


Fastening options and space needed for bike stands

Choosing a model means finding the right fastening method. In general, floor bases are the most sensible systems for affixing bike stands, because concrete-cast systems cannot be pulled out of the ground, and thus cannot be stolen. If the stands are fitted into existing, ready-made public spaces, they can also be anchored. But if they are due to be used in a location where they need to remain versatile, we recommend fastening them using a base.
In terms of space required, there is not much difference between stands and rails. The general recommendation is to leave a full handlebar-width between the stands. As space is often in short supply in high-density areas, however, half a handlebar-width, i.e. approx. 40-50 centimetres, would also be permitted.




Bike-parking stands – Design elements for cityscapes

These days, bike-parking stands have to fulfil a number of requirements in terms of both function and appearance. That’s why all ABES bike-parking stands are not only practical to use, but are also distinguished by extraordinary designs. We place great emphasis on top materials here, opting for galvanised or powder-coated steel and stainless steel. These are long-lasting, solid and, unlike wooden or plastic bars, are virtually indestructible, enabling you, as a public agency, to guarantee the security of all parked bikes. The weather-resistant material also ensures the stands can be used over long periods of time. But all ABES bike-parking stands and bike rails can also be covered; there is no limit to their design options.
As you can see, there are a whole host of possibilities and choice of bike-parking stands and bike rails for public spaces. Contact us; we’ll be glad to assist.