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Benches & Tables

A welcome oasis in everyday life

Crowded, ever-growing cities housing more and more people are now an everyday reality. These hectic times raise a number of questions for urban planners. The city of tomorrow has long needed to be more than just well designed and logically though-out; it also needs to be a place of rest and relaxation for its residents. It is in light of this aspect in particular that public park benches and tables are now gaining importance.

ABES Public Design offers all the elements required to make public spaces precisely what they are: Places belonging to everyone – be it a big-city worker without their own balcony, or pensioners wanting company. Discover the many different ways you can design public spaces with our park benches and tables.

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Find the right park benches and tables for any location

ABES offers a wide range of benches and matching tables for public spaces. With or without backrests, with or without armrests, curved, straight – the options are as diverse as the locations of the benches themselves. Classic park benches like the 143-2 model are ideal both for pedestrian zones and parks. Inviting without being intrusive, they provide a place for people to sit and relax. When it comes to bus-stop seating, however, we recommend simple park benches like our 107-1 or 107-2 models with backrest. In addition to these classic purposes, the individual design of the ABES park benches mean they can also be used in playgrounds or parks, such as the modular 104 model.

The modern standing bench 108 (for leaning against) and bollard seat 105 are other available options.
No matter which design you choose, always be mindful of your target group: For parks where a lot of young people gather, for example, we particularly recommend our lightweight, portable 103, 141-1, 143-1, 1.101 or 142-1 benches.

Gespiegelte Parkbank aus einem Stahlrohrgestell und Sitzfläche au Holz Abes Parkbank 141-1 ohne Rückenlehne abes_benches_143_2_w_br_archive_154x200 Bank für Aussen, ohne Rücken Parkbank ohne Armlehnen
103 141-1 134-2 1.101-1 142-1

If you want to cater to older or disabled people, your best option would be special models which provide room for walking frames (park bench 1.110-4). Some benches offer a greater sense of safety with additional handrails. Footrests and gas springs to ease sitting and standing are additional functions of this “seniors-friendly furniture”.


As flexible as the public space itself – Setting up park benches and tables

All ABES park benches and tables can be easily bolted to the subsurface, making them securely anchored and thus protected against vandalism. Be sure to affix them to a firm, flat subsurface. We recommend a deep foundation which, depending on the bench model, can also lie under pavement.
Our models with patented 3p technology are ideal if you want flexibility from your benches or tables. This technology enables the furniture to be quickly mounted and, if necessary dismantled.


Design elements rather than merely functional objects

For ABES Public Design, park benches and tables are more than just mere functional objects. If used skilfully, they can enhance public spaces and thus provide an inviting refuge during hectic times. The products are designed with this idea in mind. Depending on the model, the benches and tables are made from all kinds of materials, but usually wood, steel or stainless steel, resulting in objects designed to complement any public space. Our park benches with seats made from hard woods like Meranti (see model 141-2) blend seamlessly into natural landscapes, and thus fare particularly well in parks or grassed areas.




Timeless models like park bench 103, on the other hand, make for welcome rest spots in pedestrian zones or open public spaces.

Depending on where the furniture is to be placed, our range also offers very modern options, like the standing bench/leaning wall 108.

Whatever you choose, every table and park bench will have an effect, either retreating as a simple seating object or acting as design elements which enhance public spaces.
But for all the design considerations, there’s another component ABES is equally keen to enforce: All park benches and tables in its range are also always functional. Solid hardwood and hard-wearing, possibly even stainless, steel make the furniture weather-proof and robust, and provide every user with a welcome place to stop and relax.
Wood overlays and the colour of the powder-coated steel can be freely chosen for (almost) all park benches. Customised seating heights and bench lengths are available upon request. The screws provided for assembly are made exclusively from non-rusting V2A steel.

Park benches and tables offer a wide range of design options. Contact us, and we’ll find the right model for your needs!