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The multi-faceted 3p-Technology world by ABES

Eine Reihe Poller in DB703 eisenglimmer mit 3p-Technologie
Bollards can be set up for different purposes in very different places. This is why we have been continuously expanding our 3p-Technology world where you can find the perfect fastening solution for every purpose and location.

Overview of the fastening variants for ABES bollards


The bollard is embedded in a concrete foundation. It can then no longer be removed.

Vertically removable

This variant offers more flexibility in multiple ways: for one thing, the bollards can be removed if necessary and easily and effortlessly returned later. Furthermore, you have several locking options at your disposal:

  • The bollard is placed in a ground shell. It can be unlocked with a triangular key or cylinder lock key and then be removed.
  • The Snaplock variant also requires unlocking to remove the bollard, but upon reinsertion, the bollard latches automatically into place.

As one of the very few providers worldwide, we also offer self-latching bollards made of cast aluminium.

Fastening by flange

The bollard is mounted on a pad foundation. To remove it, only the screws used have to be loosened.

Collapsible at a 90° angle

As an alternative to removable bollards, our product range includes collapsible bollards that fold at a 90° angle. As a rule, these bollards are made of steel, but we also offer collapsible bollards made of cast aluminium.

In addition to these fastening options, our range also includes vertically retractable bollards. They are lowered into the ground either manually, hydro-pneumatically or electrically.

Why is fastening so important?

Fastening bollards is not only about stability, but also about finding sustainable solutions. When a vehicle hits a bollard, high costs are almost always involved: the damaged post has to be replaced, and when the foundation has suffered too, it gets really expensive.
Repairs in this magnitude use up many resources each time and are therefore disadvantageous from an ecological point of view. The 3p-Technology world by ABES, on the other hand, gives you numerous options for a cost-efficient, durable, and convenient bollard fastening. And with the new variants 3p-Technology Multi-flange and 3p-Technology Snaplock you have even more options for the perfect fastening of your bollards.

International standard: 3p-Technology Classic

3p-Technology Classic has been developed by ABES to minimize impact damages to bollards and the repair costs involved. The combination of ground shell and junction piece with cast-in predetermined breaking point has since proven itself many times over: since the year 2000, 3p-Technology has become an international standard fastening system and is used worldwide in cities and municipalities, from Germany to Singapore.

This success is not without reason:

  • Less damage – less repairs

    Unlike conventional bollard fastenings, only the junction piece suffers in the event of an impact – the foundation, the paving, and the bollard itself generally remain undamaged.

  • Maximum stability

    3p-Technology Classic guarantees the stable and steady foothold of the bollard – unlike some other removable bollard systems.

  • One ground shell – maximum flexibility

    All products developed for 3p-Technology are fully compatible with each other. Hence, the same ground shell works with all ABES bollards and other urban furniture with 3p-Technology.

  • Ecological advantage

    Less concrete and foundation work, less frequent exchange of bollards, reduced amount of materials for spare parts – 3p-Technology by ABES helps to conserve resources and to improve the overall ecological balance.

  • Convenient in every way

    3p-Technology elements simplify a lot: junction pieces can be exchanged on site in less than two minutes, spare parts storage is very space efficient and reordering is positively uncomplicated.

  • Particular solutions for particular requirements

    Our 3p-Technology world has always stood out for the fact that it provides ideal solutions for a wide variety of requirements. These include ground shells with a shallower depth for bridges or parking decks, the 3p-High variant with an extended junction piece for an even more convenient removal and the 3p-Flex junction piece that yields to an angle up to 8° before breaking. With the new fastening variants, we are opening up even more options for you.

In addition to all these advantages, you save costs using products from the 3p-World. With our cost calculator, you can easily find out how much cheaper bollards with 3p-fastening are compared to conventional fastening options.

Materials and locks: everything for a uniform look

To customize your bollards, we offer the option of adding a municipal coat of arms or a logo to cast aluminium bollards. Unlike for steel bollards, this special feature can be easily implemented in the casting process.
Our customers appreciate this offer to provide a uniform look to the cityscape – and it is now available with the easy 3p-Snaplock technology. Cast aluminium bollards by ABES can be vertically removed and reinserted without effort. Thanks to a cylinder lock the bollard latches all by itself, previously not possible with 3p-Technology Classic.
A double advantage ensues:

  • Vertical removal and insertion by self-latching is also available for cast aluminium bollards.
  • You no longer have to do without customized, uniformly designed bollards where this fastening is preferred.

Cast aluminium bollards plus 3p-Snaplock Technology – the perfect combination for more flexible barriers with a uniform look.

3p-Technology world newcomers: Snaplock and Multi-flange

The Multi-flange and the Snaplock fastening variants are exciting additions to our 3p-Technology world, expanding the possibilities of 3p-Technology Classic. They do not only work superbly as stand-alone products – they unfold their true potential especially when combined with the proven 3p-Technology Classic.
The newcomers in greater detail:

3p-Technology Multi-flange

The new multi-flange fastening system has all the 3p-Technology Classic advantages, but does not require a ground shell. Instead, there is a connecting flange that is screwed onto a pad foundation.
Like in the classic version, the bollard is then connected to the flange with a clamping cone set and a screw (you can choose between hexagonal head, teardrop shaped, and triangular head screws). This creates the accustomed positive and non-positive stability of the bollard.
Advantages overview:

  • Internal screw connection of the flange, not visible or accessible from the outside.
  • Low installation costs thanks to a simple pad foundation that does not have to accommodate a ground shell.
  • Full compatibility of bollards, clamping cones, and screws with 3p-Technology.

As the multi-flange fastening is based on the same functional principle as the 3p-Technology Classic, you also benefit from the accustomed advantages: modest repair costs after impact, low storage costs and easy order placing.

3p-Technology Snaplock

The Snaplock system is the result of intensive development work, allowing us to meet a major customer requirement: 3p-Technology compatible cast aluminium bollards that can be fastened to the ground by easy self-latching.
We have mastered this technically demanding challenge by developing the ground shell. This new hybrid ground shell (available with 300 or 500 mm) has been redesigned to accommodate classic ABES bollards with predetermined breaking points from the past 20 years as well as the new self-latching bollards.

Advantages overview:

  •  Easy removal of the bollard and convenient unlocking at the top with a cylinder lock key or a triangular key.
  •  Self-latching mechanism, locking automatically when the bollard is put in place.
  •  Cast aluminium bollards with cast-in municipal coats of arms or logos can also be used for the Snaplock mechanism – hence, all the familiar bollard designs for a uniform cityscape are now available.
  •  High flexibility thanks to the hybrid ground shell that fits all bollards with the fastening variants 3p-Technology Classic or Snaplock.

Unlike bollards with predetermined breaking point, Snaplock bollards have to do without this feature. In return, you get an innovative and convenient product that otherwise has all the 3p-Technology advantages.

Synergies and intersections of the 3p-Technology world

One of the great advantages of 3p-Technology by ABES has always been the compatibility of its products. For you, this translates as a high level of flexibility with the same advantages – stable barriers, low repair and assembly costs, no time loss.
The new Multi-flange and Snaplock fastening variants thus carry on the tradition of 3p-Technology Classic and blend in the 3p-Technology world as innovative and useful additions. Here is how the different fastening systems interact:

3p-Technology Classic and 3p Technology Multi-flange

Both are based on the same fastening system consisting of a bollard, a clamping cone set and a screw. The connecting flange is equivalent to the junction piece of the classic variant.

3p-Technology Classic and 3p Technology Snaplock

Thanks to the hybrid ground shell (300 or 500 mm), design bollards as well as all other bollards can be used. This also applies to customized aluminium bollards with cast-in municipal coats of arms or logos.

3p-Technology Multi-flange and 3p Technology Snaplock

Although both fastening methods differ significantly (the multi-flange system ultimately manages completely without a ground shell), they have still some features in common: the entire range of design bollards and bollards for 3p-Technology is at your disposal, including coats of arms and logos for cast aluminium bollards.
Of course, the different fastening systems can also be used separately. Due to the high level of compatibility of all 3p-Technology world products, numerous options are at your disposal to exploit the full potential of the bollard fastening variants. If you have any questions about our products, our specialized team will be happy to advise you.

Discover the world of 3p-Technology by ABES

3p-Technology stands for the ongoing development of useful innovations, shown by the latest introduction of new fastening variants. They offer you even more options while benefitting from the accustomed advantages

  • Reduce your costs.
    3p-fastening systems help you to significantly reduce the costs for assembly, repairs, and spare parts compared to conventional fastening methods.
  • Experience the best comfort.
    All fastening ABES bollards are designed for optimal handling. Easy assembly and quick removal also signify important time savings.
  • Increase the flexibility of your barriers.
    Elements that are one hundred percent compatible offer you numerous options for setting up bollards and fastenings according to your needs and matching the respective situation – or removing them if necessary. With the 3p-Technology world products, you can be sure to always find the perfect fastening solution.