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Bollard 026

Dual waisted bollard made of rubber granulate with a distinct top, middle and base section.

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sku.: 026.001 - 026.020


Bollard 026 is a dual waisted bollard made of rubber granulate with a distinct top, middle and base section.


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  • Removable with 3p-Technology
    (Comprising of a ground shell, a junction piece with integrated breaking point, two clamping cones and a hex-head bolt.)
  • 3p-Multiflansch - Screwed to a pad foundation by means of a connecting cylinder.


  • Höhe über Grund: 600 mm
  • Gesamt-Breite: 200 mm
  • Gesamt-Tiefe: 200 mm
  • Weight: 13 kg

Dear customers,

The significantly increased energy and material costs are forcing us to add a non-discountable, variably adjustable energy and material price surcharge (E+MTZ) to our basic prices. We will remove the surcharge immediately as soon as the situation in the market makes it possible.

The product base price will not increase.

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Projects and Credentials

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