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Railing 850 with vertical truss bars

– Material: steel, galvanized and powder-coated in RAL or DB 703 glimmer grey
– Railing height: 857 mm
– Width: 1.500 mm


Price on demand excl. VAT and shipping


Specification: Railing 850
Railing 850,consisting of a frame made of 50 x 50 x 2 mm flat steel with Ø 12 mm vertical steel truss bars, powder-coated in standard RAL or DB 703 glimmer grey, as well as two lugs for the fixation with screws on each side, supported by two ABES bollards* by means of two universal supports on each side.

Specification: Railing system 2 (Railing 850 plus with ABES bollards*)
ABES Railing system 2, consisting of at least two end-to-end cylindrical ABES bollards* with 3p-Technology functioning as railing end or center bollards and offering thus the possibility to receive an ABES Railing 850on one or two sides. Each side of the bollard has two screwed universal supports to be attached to corresponding lugs on the railing. The connection is adjustable horizontally and by angle.

All ABES bollards with 3p-Technology are removable. They come with a 300 mm ground shell, a junction piece with predetermined breaking point and a clamping cone set with a hex head screw.

Can be attached to all straight, non-conical bollards*.

The system can be used as pivoting barrier, directional barrier, guidance system, separation fence or drive-through fence or gate (lockable with a padlock to be provided by the customer).
Delivery includes 4 universal supports screwed to the bollard*.

*) Bollards sold separately

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