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Bollard 1.083

Rectangular bollard for fixed mounting made of wood with a pyramidal-shaped top.

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sku.: 1.083.051 - 1.083.251


ABES Bollard 1.083 is a cylindrical bollard made of wood with a pyramidal-shaped top.


For concrete embedment.

Available types of wood

Douglas Fir – pressure-treated.
Douglas fir is a solid kind of wood with elasticity properties. The heartwood is naturally weatherproof and is resistant to fungi and insects. In addition, the texture of Douglas fir wood makes it a very decorative material. (DIN EN 350-2, grades 3-4)

Oak – natural finish.
The heartwood of oak features an excellent strength, abrasion resistance and has a natural durability and elasticity. (DIN EN 350-2, class 2)

Black locust – natural finish. – ON DEMAND
Black locust wood features a very high natural durability and weather resistance. Its heartwood is very stiff, heavy and tough. It is high elastic and has a good wear-resistance. Its vulnerability against fungis and insects is low. (DIN EN 350-2, grades 1-2)

Head section

Pyramidal-shaped top.

The sample images above show bollards made of black locust. Other wood types or head forms can be realized on request.
Wood is a natural product.
Even with the highest quality in processing it can shrink, swell, warp or tear when used outside (outdoor). Such changes that are usually caused by ambient conditions or natural wear are not defects in terms of warranty. We recommend annual maintenance depending on the bollard’s location and your local environmental conditions.

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Projects and Credentials

  • Deutschland

    Pellenz · Rathaus Plaidt

  • Luxemburg

    Berdorf · Centre Culturel „A Schmadds“

  • Deutschland

    Tübingen · Egeriaplatz

  • Luxemburg

    Remerschen · Biodiversum

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