Personalized fireplace made from non-galvanized sheet steel

  • fire basket
    Fire basket 935 customizable H: 335  Ø: 750

    Customisable fireplace made from non-galvanised sheet steel with three welded feet and capacity of approx. 50 L. Suitable as a simple fireplace or grill for all kinds of occasions. Customised laser cuts at the top, middle and case ensure diverse designs, and make the basket unique. Names, emblems, symbols, personal dedications or URLs are possible.


    Capacity : apporx. 50 Liters
    Diameter: apporx. Ø 335 mm
    Height: apporx. 750 mm
    Weight: apporx. 5,0 kg

  • Fire Place
    Cooking grate for Fire Basket 935 Accessory H: 400  Ø: 100

    Cooking grate made from stainless steel.

  • Fire Place
    Soil protection for Fire Basket 935 Accessory H: 400  Ø: 100

    Soil protection made from steel.